A Few Reasons To Avoid Streetwalkers


Some guys that I know take the high road when it comes to dating websites. They don’t put forth the time to communicate with girls and build casual relationships. Instead, they head down the street and pick up one of the streetwalkers flaunting their goods. While I’ve been there myself and have indulged in this deviant practice, I’m not one to agree with it.

Why???? Well, for MANY reasons.

I’m here to tell you that hiring a streetwalker is the biggest mistake you’ll ever make in your entire life. I’ll do my best to cover each and every reason why I avoid these dirty women all the time and why you should think about doing the same.


Why I Avoid Streetwalkers 100% Of The Time

Keep in mind that there are dozens of reasons why you should avoid these girls working the streets, but these reasons alone should give you enough of a reason to not take more chances with them.

They Lie

I can’t stress this enough, girls working corners are nothing but lying whores. That’s exactly what they are and what you need to remember. If you think for a second that one of these girls is being honest with you, then you’re fucking crazy. Streetwalkers lie about their name, age, where they are from, what they do, and everything you can think of!

They Steal

I’ve heard horror stories about streetwalkers stealing guys money and watches. They’ve been so many stories on the news alone that I’ve seen. While I’m fortunate enough to not have had that happen, it does happen all the time and to people that likely don’t deserve it either.

They Do Drugs

Most street girls are full-blown drug addicts, at least the ones that I’ve met. I’ve never met a streetwalker that’s turned down cocaine or weed or any type of drug for that matter. Most of them are working to stay high anyway. It’s disgusting, I know.

They Have Diseases

If you think these girls care about their personal health as well as yours then you’re a fool. Most of the time they’ve got STDs and are willing to share them with you. Guess what, you don’t even have to ask them either! If you’re going to hook up with a nasty streetwalker, you better wear a rubber or plan on getting a disease.

They Don’t Care

These girls don’t care about anything other than getting paid to suck your dick. That’s all they care about. If you think they care about you or your well being, then you’re an absolute fool. Don’t even think that you’ll ever meet a nice streetwalker, they don’t exist.

In conclusion, I’d like to suggest that you stay far away from any streetwalkers that you see or come across in your city or town. Instead, do yourself a solid and join a dating network that connects people for sex.

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