Reasons Why Tinder Sucks And Is The Worst App Ever


Not going to sit here and say that I’ve never used another dating app. Do so would make me a complete liar. I’m not full of shit if anything I’m the real deal when it comes to dating and you know that. That’s why I tried Tinder out, to see if it’s actually worth spending any time on. Do not even think about wasting your time on this site. You’d actually be better off trying to pick up girls on Facebook.

Not even one second of your time should be spent using this website or app. I’m going to tell you exactly why I suggest you avoid it. Basically, I’ll give you every personal reason why I think it sucks balls. Let me kick this off now!

reasons tinder sucks

Why Tinder Sucks For Dating People

I’ve used it and nope, I was not impressed at all. Tinder might be the worst dating app I’ve ever come across. I’ll do my best to tell you exactly why this site sucks so bad.

Ugly Girls

The first thing I’m going to mention is going to be harsh, but it’s necessary. The girls on Tinder are ugly in my opinion. I’ve never come across any girl that’s hot as fuck. Sorry but I’m not sorry for saying that! Most of the girls are 7s or 8s at best. NEXT!

Swiping Is Boring AF

The swiping concept is so fucking boring on Tinder. It’s like I feel as though I’m a zombie or something. Seriously, a dating app that requires me to sit there and drool, and nothing more? I’m not all that impressed and the swiping is giving me a headache.

No Booty Calls

Most girls on Tinder are looking for long lost love. They aren’t on there expecting to find some horny person looking to bang on lunch break. Not even close. They are looking for someone that’s going to meet all the list requirements and then some. Ain’t nobody got time for that shit!

Crazy Girls

There are some girls that are all about the stalking on Tinder and I think they’re desperate as fuck to find someone willing to settle down with them. They’ll do anything to plant a seed and rope you in. Don’t let those crazy girls rope you in, not even for a second.

Take it from me, Tinder absolutely sucks and it’s one of those things that should never be used EVER! That is unless you’re looking to waste time and kick tires with some immature girls looking for free dinners. Nuff said, try FLING and you might actually get some pussy one of these days. #BOOM Mic drop, I’m out this bitch!

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