Senior Sex Hook Up Review: A Grandma Dating Fail


I’m not one to typically try senior dating sites, but I just had to give this one a whirl. Find out everything I learned about the Senior Sex Hook Up website and if it even truly works. This paints an exact picture and tells it like it is…

Senior Sex Hook Up homepage

My Senior Sex Hook Up Experience (Or Lack of)

There are a lot of sites out there that are very obvious scams. You start getting hit from the second that you sign up. Other sites are mostly okay, but still, try to scam you a little. That’s what you get with Senior Sex Hook Up. You can join it right now and you won’t get the usual things to deal with. You’re not going to be getting fake emails from bots.

You’re not going to be talking to paid employees. Whether or not it works for you depends on how much time and effort you put into it. Senior women aren’t just going to be throwing themselves at you. There’s no telling how many active members the site actually has. You can try and send out emails to gauge the possibilities of success. The only problem is getting past the initial sign up page.

You’ll Be Signed Up To Pay Sites

After you enter your email, you’ll be brought to a payment page. Whether or not you upgrade is up to you. If you decide that it’s in your best interests, you have to watch out. The site automatically has you enrolled in a porn site. It’s called “Naughty Mature Videos.” Maybe it’s something you want and maybe not.

The chances are very high that you’re not trying to sign up for it through a dating site. You have to look really hard to see what’s happening. The text is small and meant to be missed. That’s how they get some extra money. Make sure you look closely and find it before you upgrade. There’s an option box that you have to click to opt-out. If you don’t you’re going to be getting charged for it every single month until you manually cancel it.

Go For A Trial Membership First

Just because the site isn’t out to scam you too hard doesn’t mean that you should drop everything to join it. You never know if it’s going to be right for you. A site with seniors looking to hook up is a little dodgy, to begin with.

Even the woman on their homepage looks like she wouldn’t know what to do with a computer if it walked up and sat on her lap for her. Try the three-day trial first. Make sure you talk to someone. That’s the only way that you’ll see if it works.

Conclusion: Senior Sex Hook Up Is Worth A Look

If you’re looking for a senior to hook up with you, then check out Senior Sex Hook Up. It’s not out to scam you like most of the other sites out there. Just watch out for the signup page. That’s where they get you. Take a minute to find the enrollment to the porn site. It’s going to be there. Opt-out and get yourself the three-day trial. Then you’ll be free to check it all and see if you want to stick around.

Looking for more options? Then please read this page and take immediate action.

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