Slutindex Review: Great GUI, Bad Age Verification Scam!

I’ve been pretty hungover the last couple of days. It’s all because I’ve been going hard AF on these flings lately. We end up at a bar and shots go down like water. Enough about that, I’m here today to talk to you about a site I recently checked out called SlutIndex. Before you jump over and start searching for it, I’m going to tell you to NOT DO IT.

Why? Well, because it’s an awful website that does nothing good for your sex life. Trust me, I did the research and I know what works and what doesn’t. Here’s my full rundown of this mess.

Slutindex Site Scam

Why SlutIndex Is So Terrible

SlutIndex uses one of the easiest and laziest ways to scam you into giving them money, and you’ll never even see it coming. As you read about what they’re doing, make sure you pay attention. It’s a scam that gets run constantly. In fact, there’s no way that you can spend the rest of your life on the Internet and not come across this same exact tactic in the future. It’s designed to separate you from a lot of your money and they’ll never have any intention of paying you back. It’s simply a fact of the way that the Internet works.

Not Bad GUI, But Behind Sucks

The site itself is going to look pretty attractive. With all the gorgeous women on it, it would be difficult to try and stay away. They’re going to tell you all about the opportunities that you’ll have to meet up and all the fun that you’ll be able to get into. None of it is real.

They only want you to sign up. They’re even going to start feeding you their biggest lie here: it’s all free. It’s not. In fact, it’s extremely expensive. With one click you can get yourself on the hook for over a hundred dollars each and every month.

What They Do

Here’s how it all plays out. As you create your profile, you’re reassured that it won’t cost you a dime. However, since there is so much naughtiness happening here, you do have to prove that you’re eighteen. That’s preposterous. No dating site is going to make you prove your age.

That would cut them off from a huge part of their demographic. There’s no law anywhere that says someone under the age of eighteen can’t join a dating site. They’re not sending people to your door to have sex with you; they’re just a platform for people to talk.

Age Verification Scam

On top of that, they wouldn’t need a credit card to prove it. If they really wanted to prove your age, they’d require an ID. Anyone can pick up a credit card and claim that it belongs to them. The only reason that they want your card is to sign you up for a whole lot of porn sites.

They’re not going to tell you about it and they’re going to make it pretty difficult to figure out. As soon as you hit the submit button, you’re going to start getting charged by at least three of them. This isn’t going to end, either. You’re going to get charged each and every month until you manually cancel it. Every month that you spend giving them money, SlutIndex is getting a cut of the profits. Congratulations, you’ve been scammed.

Conclusion: Expensive, No Sex, No Sluts

This is one of the more expensive dating scams out there, but by no means is it rare. It pops up all over the place and always takes people for a lot of cash. You should never have to put your credit card on file unless you intend to buy something. This site is a hard pass for everyone.

Looking for other scams that you need to avoid? Look no further…this site right here is the king of dating scams.