Snapmingles Review: Fake Users, Redirects, Waste of Money!

There are some dating sites out there that deliver and others that just scam you. That’s, unfortunately, the name of the game today. When looking for a fling or casual hook up, you’ve just got to do your homework. I took the time to do my homework recently, in doing so, I discovered Snapmingles.

Unfortunately, you’re not going to like what I have to say about this site. I’ve broken things down for you to share everything you need to know. Redirect Scam

Snapmingles Is Bad – Avoid It For Sure

SnapMingles shows its hand really early in the sign-up process and reveals itself to be nothing more than a scam.

Rather than put you through the typical process of registering and entering actual information about yourself, they just have you answer some pretty silly questions. Among them are things like whether or not you can keep a secret, or if you’d really be up for banging a local hotty because all the girls here are just so damned horny. It’s clearly meant to entice you into the site and nothing more.

Fake Info Gets You Nowhere

If it were actually a place that could provide what it claims, they would need actual information about you. If ever you see something like this, hit the back button and leave. You shouldn’t have to be tricked into joining a hookup site. If they can get you what they claim, the success rate should more than speak for itself.

If it were legitimate, you would obviously need to tell the other users about yourself. Height, weight, and build; all of that is necessary to find someone who would want to meet up with you and have a good time. As it stands here, it’s all smoke and mirrors to get you through the front door.

All They Want Is Your CC

It should also come as no surprise that the very first piece of information they ask about you is your credit card number. It’s stated that it’s for age verification only, but that’s a lie. Snapmingles wants your information on file so they can charge you later on.

They’ll likely offer you something with very fine print stating that you’ll be charged and you’ll be none the wiser until your statement rolls around. Once again, this is a typical trick that the scammers use to separate you from your money, without giving you anything in return.

Fake Profiles…Yawn…

The profiles, of course, are all fake. The images they use can be found all over the Internet and are just copied and pasted to give the impression that actual women use the site. They don’t. They’re all created by the owners and are only there to send you fake messages and spam your inbox.

It’s just one more way that they try and trick you into believing the site is worth spending your money on when it’s really not. You’re never going to be meeting any women here and you’re certainly not going to be seeing any snaps. Other sites using fake profiles are Snapsex and so don’t let those fool you either.

You Have No Rights

In fact, if you ever find yourself on this site, which you shouldn’t, you only need to see one thing to convince you it’s a mistake. If you get to the credit card information page, just look down at the bottom. You’ll see the copyright and you’ll see the text next to it.

Take a close look. The “All” in “All rights reserved” is misspelled. That’s a clear giveaway that this thing was hastily put together with nothing more in mind than tricking you out of your money. If it were real, teams of lawyers would have spotted the error.


There’s no reason why you should even contemplate joining It’s an awful redirect scam that’s rampant within the dating industry and the fake profiles are so annoying. You will not hook up using this site. Nope, not a chance. The truth is that you’d be better off heading to your local massage parlor and asking for a happy ending versus using this site. However, I don’t recommend doing either. Just join this site here instead and you’ll actually get laid.