Snapsex Is Nothing But A Scam (Official Review)

Here at, I’m all for dodging scams. You might recall that I’ve shared my personal opinions on using social media to meet girls. Well, one site that I recently came across has done the unthinkable. They created a fake dating aggregator based on Snapchat! The name of the site is Snapsex and it’s a real scam that you need to be on the lookout for. Don’t worry, I’m sharing everything that I know about this site right here, right now.

But before I share the details I need you to know one thing. This is NOTHING like Snapchat and it’s not associated with the site either.

snapsex scam

Why Is A Complete Scam (Buyer Beware)

What is Snapsex? Well, Snapsex is a scam site that makes you enter your credit card information the second you try to sign up for your free access by explaining it away as an age verification check.

The thing about this though, is that if it were really there for age verification then you shouldn’t have to look over the right-hand side of the page to see that you’re also agreeing to three separate subscriptions to three different sites with none of them being the one that you’re trying to sign up for. They try to trick you into accidentally signing yourself up and that’s only the first assault that they launch against you.

Free Profile Fraud? Maybe

If you realize what’s going on and opt-out of the extra stuff, you’ll be left with a free profile. The second you activate it, you’re going to be inundated with message after message from people who just want to talk to you.

That’s pretty impressive for someone who hasn’t even uploaded a picture of themselves yet, but it seems that the women here are just that desperate for sex, right? Well, of course not. No woman in history has ever been so desperate that she sat on a hook-up site constantly refreshing the new profiles tab and blindly messaging each and every one of them in the hopes that just one would respond and relieve her of her loneliness.

Upgrade Scam

That’s simply not how the world works and this site is scamming you into paying for an upgraded profile to be able to respond to fake messages that are being sent out by the site itself. Most of them are created by bot software, but some of them might actually be written by paid employees who are contracted for this specific task. Either way, you’re never going to meet up with any of them.

Entertainment Only (Read The Fine Print)

If you take a look at the fine print of the Snapsex site, they tell you right there that the site creates its own profiles as part of your entertainment experience.

This is a term that you’ll see a lot because it’s the only way that these places can legally operate. The law understands that they’re trying to trick you into thinking that a paid profile is a good idea by making you believe that you’ll be getting a lot more for it than you are.

They work around it by simply saying that they’re selling you entertainment and that’s all it really boils down to. You have just as much chance of meeting someone from this site as you do in dating some hot thing from a movie. It might just happen one day, but it’s most probably not.

Conclusion: Snap Sex Will Scam You

At the end of the day, this Snapsex network is just a scam site looking for consumers to take their money from. They don’t have anything to offer and they certainly don’t work to make sure that you’re happy with their service. They try to steal your money any way that they can and unfortunately it works for them. My advice would be to never even attempt to visit the site. I’d be personally worried if I were you.

Want to know how not to worry? Easy, just join an honest dating network, like this one which I’ve reviewed on the homepage. In the meantime, just don’t hire any streetwalkers and if you do, make sure they’re of the caliber of Ms. Jenna Shea and nothing less!