SPDate Review Reveals All The Nonsense!


I’m here today to share what I know about a site called SPDate.com. It’s not what you think and certainly not one that I believe consumers should turn to. Having spent a lot of time using sites, I know what works and what doesn’t.

The reason I say this is so awful is that it’s impossible to find people. You’ll know what I’m talking about when you read this site review…

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SPDate.com Doesn’t Deliver Dates (Find Out Why)

It’s amazing how many dating site scams (take this one here for example) are still up and running, even after they get a reputation for being fraudulent. The problem is that people don’t read these dating site reviews enough. They don’t do their homework. Good news is that you’re doing your homework now!

Vulnerable Singles

Either way, dating sites get away with this day in and day out. This continues because there are always consumers who are vulnerable to being taken advantage of for the sake of a connection and because these sites protect themselves in their terms and conditions so that they are not liable for defrauding you.

Network Not Secure

However, for some scam sites, the cam is not all that obvious, and the real danger is just the fact that you are frequenting a network that’s not secure.

Such is the case with spdate.com. Even though the site is free like that claim, it does not stop the site from being filled with scammers and bots.

How They Attempt To Look Legit

Their first play is always to appear as legitimate as possible, and this is by copying the font, layout, and design of other popular dating sites. They offer features you would expect like search features, private messaging, and Top Users.

The thing with SPDate is they try to replicate the style of Twitter, where there is a live feed aspect. This is so it gives you the sense that this is an active community with many users. There are in fact many accounts on this site.

If you didn’t know better, you would think you found a gold mine of women desperate to be banged. However, the reality is that this site used images of porn stars and cam girls all over the place, and they don’t even do a good job at hiding it.

Incoming Emails

What should have you concerned right off the bat is the number of emails you immediately receive once joining the site. It just doesn’t make any sense that all of these hot women would want to talk to you minutes after you joined.

You won’t even have time to put up a picture of fill out a profile before someone is writing to say how great you look or how you’re a match. You have to understand that all of this is a scam. None of the girls that are messaging you are real. Not only are the profiles and pictures fake, but the messages you are receiving have been generated by computer software.

Any Real Women? Meh, Don’t Think So

There is serious doubt that there are any real women on this site at all. Just scammers and men who don’t yet realize they are being targeted for a scam. Some people maintain that there are real profiles on the site and that may be true.

But the fact is the site has been overrun with fake pictures and profiles, and if it isn’t the site itself scamming you, it’s independent scammers who are using the site as a cover to get into your pockets.

Lack Of Support

The fact is, this site has no way to contact customer support, and it has no (easy to understand) terms and conditions, and no privacy policy displayed on the homepage. Just being on this site poses a danger to your sensitive information. No matter the circumstance, you should avoid this site at all costs.

Conclusion: SPDate.com Is Not Worth It

If you’re going to even contemplate using the SPDate website, then you’re crazy for doing so. I need to suggest that you do not do so and if you’re going to do so that you tread very lightly. Trust me, I know what works and what doesn’t. This one failed my test, just like most of the others out there. If you want to achieve what many believe is impossible, then act here.

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