Staying Awake After A Long Bender In College


Partying all night is one of the best things that I know how to do. I’m talking about getting absolutely polluted and banging girls all night long during frat parties. I did it back in my crazy college days. In fact, I was what some would call a professional. Staying awake the next day is a battle. Good news for you, I’ve got some pointers that might help you keep your eyelids open.

Staying Awake After A Bender

How To Stay Awake After Partying All Night Long

These simple tips should help you understand what it is you need to do if you’ve foolishly stayed awake partying for 24 hours. Some of these things are simple while others require some effort. Just read them before you start drinking so you know what they consist of!

Mentally Prepare

You need to prepare for the day like you’re preparing for war. What I mean by that is you’ve got to stay focused and believe that you can get through the day. Any other approach is simply foolish as can be. It’s like getting into a boxing ring thinking you’re going to lose. Nobody does that and wins so you shouldn’t either.

Ice Shower

You need to shock your system and the best way to do so is by taking an ice cold shower or bath plunge. It’s going to be fucking freezing but that’s exactly what you need to do if you want to win this battle and stay awake all day long.

Eat Healthy As Fuck

Get a protein shake in you. Eat crunchy veggies. Crush a couple of bananas and apples and you’re good to go. I always like to go out for a healthy yet hearty breakfast after partying all night long. I suggest that you do the exact same thing!


Working out is great for you especially if you stayed up all night. Warning, if you did rails of blow for 8 hours straight and crushed a ton of booze then you don’t want to do any to physical. It might cause you to have a heart attack. On the other hand, if you didn’t do drugs all night and just fucked some chick and boozed it up, then hit the gym skinny. Get that blood flowing to warm up your body.

Drink Lots of Water

I’m a firm believer of staying hydrated all day long. You need to drink plenty of water after going on a bender. Your body will be depleted and it’s an injustice to your organs if you don’t feed them with the H2O that they need. Not too mention, it will help you get rid of some of those toxins.

Don’t Remain Stagnant

Please don’t expect to stay in the same place and not fall asleep. You need to stay busy and keep your mind and body cranking if you want to stay up all day. Give it a shot and see how you make out. I’m sure if you move around enough you won’t end up falling asleep.

These tips should help you stay awake after a crazy bender. I hope it was worth it and that you got laid!

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