Swipe Flirts Review


Are you into using swipe apps and hookup platforms? If so, then you’re going to want to listen up here. I’m covering all that I know about the Swipe Flirts website and what you must understand. Find out the full truth and whether or not it’s worth using. I’ll give you my opinion upfront here. To be quite honest, it’s a scam and seems like a bunch of nonsense. The multiple scams are not for me. Find out why…

Swipe Flirts

Swipe Flirts Review: Multiple Scams In Place

There are some hallmarks of a scam site that you should be looking out for all of the time. When you see them, you should immediately close out your browser and never visit that site again. One of the biggest tells for a scam is needing your credit card information.

There are tons of sites on the internet that tell you over and over again that you won’t be charged for anything. Then they tell you that they need your credit card information, anyway. Sometimes they claim it’s to verify your age. That’s never true. If you’re not being charged, they shouldn’t need your card numbers. It’s just common sense.

The reason they want them so baldy is to scam you. That’s exactly what’s happening with Swipe Flirts. As soon as you see that you have to hand over your financial information, you should leave the site.

They Sign You Up For Adult Clips

The real reason that the site needs your credit card information is to sign you up for porn sites. There are several of them and you’ll be charged for each one. It’s not a small amount of money, either. It’s a giant charge that’s going to be recurring.

That means that you’ll be paying the same amount of money every single month until you go into the sites and cancel your subscriptions. They’re not going to make it easy on you, either. It will be a huge pain to get them off of your card. You can opt-out of all this, but they hide it from you.

You’ll have to really go looking to find the fine print. They do that on purpose. They want you to just hand over your information and agree to let them take your money without you even noticing it.

They Still Scam You

They don’t give up there, though. They still want more money from you. As soon as you sign up, you’re going to start getting messages. If you want to respond to any of them, you’ll have to upgrade your account by paying another monthly fee.

There’s no reason to do that. All of the profiles that you’re seeing are fake. The photos are of models and that’s it. The people you see have never been to the site. There’s not a single real person to talk to at all. It’s all just designed to be a scam.

Conclusion: Stay Away From Swipe Flirts

You don’t have to visit Swipe Flirts for any reason at all. It’s nothing but a scam site. It wants to steal as much of your money as it possibly can. It was never meant to be a real dating site. There are no real people on it.

You’re going to lose a lot of money without even realizing it. There are real dating sites (like this here) on the internet that you could be using, instead. They have actual people that you can talk to and they offer real ways to get in touch with them.

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