Swipehookup: Just Another Money Grab (Stay Away)

The swipehookup.com website is one that portrays itself as being a badass dating site. Well, the only thing “badass” about this network is that it’s a bad experience and scam. Find out exactly why I suggest avoiding this nonsense and only reading the review of the site versus joining. It’s a doozy.

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My Review of Swipehookup

It’s a vast world of dating scams out there, and not everyone is really aware just how dangerous it can be. No matter how many of these scam sites you run into, you will always find another because they are in fact very successful. Not everyone knows the pitfalls to avoid with these types of sites. These scammers are well trained and organized.

They understand that there are lots of men looking to hook up with horny girls by any means, and they’ve set up a site that mirrors what you would find on a legit dating site. The difference here is, every feature available is just a means to set you up for recurring charges on your credit card. Swipehookup.com goes through a lot of trouble to make it seem like they have horny girls all over the site. They claim to boast an active live cam and xxx video communities.

But If you know anything about real dating sites, you know that they go through a lot of trouble to not look like a porn site or a sex solicitation site. This site does no such thing and tries to sell you on the idea that there are desperate girls trying to have sex with you. However, they try their best to scam you right out the gate.

Fraudulent Charges on Your Card

They try to lure you in with a three-day trial that only costs a few dollars. However, this automatically renews to forty dollars a month, plus additional charges for porn sites. This type of business practice is just the tip of the iceberg here. You will quickly realize that every feature on the site, from sending messages to watching content, requires your credit card information.

This is a telltale sign for a scam. Not only that, but all of the messages you receive are fake. They are generic, repetitive, and you don’t get any natural reactions because you are in fact talking to a computer program.

This site is connected to many other scam sites that love to use this tactic. They do their best to make you think people are interested in your account so they can rack up as many charges as possible on your card for as long as possible.

Conclusion: Just A Swipe at Your Wallet

This site is fraudulent in every way. The site is littered with profiles that are labeled as “Love Stars”. They admit to this right in the terms and conditions, so that they are covered legally. They make sure to tell you that these accounts aren’t real and are just for promotion, that’s why they can get away with defrauding you.  This is how these sites make money.

They just need you to put in your information one time to set it up for the recurring fee. The company does pay people to chat with you knowing that they will never want to hook up in real life. They simply want you to spend your hard-earned money on the idea that you might get laid. It’s a dirty practice but it is common, and this site uses all the well-known tricks of the trade to try and defraud you. Do your best to stay far away from Swipehookup.

If you’re trying to smash and you’re not having any luck finding someone, then start over by only using this site here. You’ll likely get laid and have a kick-ass time doing so.