Truecheater Review: Nothing Truthful At All


You know, there are tons of cheaters out there living in America. I’ve been one of them myself and if you’re planning on cheating, then you better do so on the right website. Using the wrong site will cost you lots of time and money, trust me on this one!

As for which is right and which is wrong, I’ve taken part of that out of the equation to share one with you today. The site I’m covering is You’ll want to avoid this for sure before reading this review. At any rate, here’s my official review and all the things you need to know about this bad affair dating site…

Why Truecheater Is Anything But True

Sometimes people cheat. It’s just the way that it is. Both men and women do it. Everyone gets to a point in their relationship where they want to stretch their legs again. It’s difficult to go from a life of spending most of your time trying to have sex with as many people as possible to one of monogamy.

That’s where cheating sites come in. They always claim to be the best and safest way to wander from home. Some of these sites will actually work. Others will just be out to take advantage of you and scam you. That’s exactly what you get with Truecheater.

Nothing (I repeat, NOTHING) is true about this site. It’s just a front to get you to hand over your cash and get nothing at all in return. If you want to see the scam in action, all you have to do is make a profile.

Don’t Add Any Information

The trick of the whole thing is not to add any information about yourself at all. Just give them the bare minimum that it takes to create a profile. Make sure you don’t upload any pictures, either. That’s one of the most important things.

You want a profile that says nothing about you and has no photos. Now you just have to sit back and wait. The same thing is going to happen to you and all of the free users on the site. You’ll start to get a ton of messages. They’ll be coming from gorgeous women who really want to talk to you.

Now just ask yourself if that makes any sense. You have a site full of women trying to cheat. This site would have you believe that the way they cheat without getting caught is to plaster their pictures on their profiles and send out messages to men they can’t even see. That sounds like an easy way to get caught.

It’s All A Scam

None of this is real. It’s all a scam. The women you see on the profiles have never been on the site. The pictures were purchased from stock photo companies.

The profiles were created by the site to send you fake messages. You can read the messages, but you can’t reply to them. You’ll have to upgrade if you want to do that. That’s how the scam works and too many people end up falling for it.

Conclusion: Truecheater Is A Waste Of Time

The simple fact of the matter is that Truecheater is just a scam site. There are no real people on it at all. The whole site only exists to get your money from you. It’s the kind of scam that gets run every single day on the internet.

The best way to protect yourself from it is to simply stay away from the site. It has nothing at all for you. It’s just a way to waste your money. Ignore it and find a better one.

XCheaters Review: The Only One Getting Cheated On Is You!


Here’s a saying that you’ve heard a hundred times. Cheat, cheat, never beat. That’s the old saying and what I can tell you is that this site is trying to beat consumers down with a spiked baseball bat. No, not literally, but figuratively with their charges and billing practices. You’ll know what I’m talking about once you read the full report below. After learning everything there is to know about, this will explain everything.

I’ve done my research and this is what you need to know…

XCheaters Might Be The Cheating You?!?! (Review Below) is one of those classic scam sites where it doesn’t take much investigating to realize things are not on the up and up. A hallmark of these type of sites is trying to appear as legit as possible on the surface. This normally means ripping off the style and design of actual legit dating sites. barely meets this criteria because the most basic actions you try to take on the site reveal that the whole thing is designed to steal your money.

Expensive Membership For Nothing

This site claims to have a roster of hot women who are looking to hook up as soon as possible. They claim to be a place specifically for people who are ready to break out of their relationship and have an affair. It’s about $25 for a monthly membership and a hundred and twenty dollars for a yearlong membership.

They feature typical dating site options, like search, messaging, emails, and even live cams. The thing is, nothing you will interact with on this page is real. It’s filled with nothing but bots, fake profiles, stolen pictures, and a variety of spam.

Nothing Real

It’s clear that nothing here is real because the moment you set up an account, you are immediately going to receive a ton of messages. Whether they come in the form of emails or messages directly to your inbox, it won’t take more than a minute for you to find a dozen messages from hot girls looking to hook up. However, this is how the scam begins. The moment you want to read or respond to any of the messages, you are hit with the prompt to upgrade to a VIP membership.

This is a dead giveaway that the entire site is fraudulent. Nothing about the site is free and once you want to do the most basic interaction, they are asking for your credit card information. If not for these things, the live cam option should be a dead giveaway that something is not right.

You know, real dating sites do their best to not look like a porn site or a sex solicitation platform. However, this site does no such thing and tries to lure you in with video loops of alleged girls on live cam, who are ready to get naked for you if you just upgrade your account. This is another scam.

No Picture, No Profile Details

You have to understand that even if you don’t put up any picture or set up a profile, there will be accounts saying how much they like you and want to hook up. You will get a variety of notifications stating that women have “liked” your content. How is any of that possible if you have a blank account? These messages are not even generated by real people. There are also a variety of accounts that are being run by the site itself or by third-party contractors.

T&C Lay Everything Out

If you check the terms and conditions, they admit to the fraud right up front. They will tell you that the notifications you get are generated by the staff to promote interaction on the site. They will always say that there are some staff run accounts that are used to promote the site. They do this to cover themselves legally when they defraud you because you’re unaware of how these sites work. You should do everything you can to avoid this site and others that resemble these business practices.

Conclusion: Is Not Worth It

Don’t waste your time with XCheaters. Quite frankly, it’s not worth your time or the money you’re going to spend. Having taken the time to research things here, I can officially say that I’ve lost time that I’ll never get back and I don’t want you to do the same. Instead, join a dating site that works and one that will, in fact, connect you with real cheaters looking to cheat.

Other affair sites that just suck as well:

And a must read article -> Text Messaging Success With Potential Affair Hookups

Text Messaging Success With Potential Affair Hookups


Not gonna lie, I love hooking up with horny women in naughty affairs. Something about them just gets me so excited. As you may know, having an affair can be a really touchy subject. Oftentimes, you can’t find someone to have an affair with in the same way as you would if you’re trying to just find a date. You must figure out a strategy that is effective in convincing a woman to have sex with you, even though you are married.

Text messaging and affairs

Text Messaging And Affair Hookups, Everything You Must Know

That being said, messaging plays a clutch role here in all of this. The first few messages that you send are crucial. If you can formulate messages that keep her talking, you have a better chance of leading her into a sexual situation. If she loses interest in the first message, you might as well move on.

In order to figure out the best way to approach a message to a potential affair, you must first figure out what not to do. You can’t make your message too short because you will not be giving her enough of an indication that you are interested in her.

Alternately, it’s not a good idea to make the message too long either. You haven’t given her enough incentive to want to know more about you or read a long message. It can make you look suspect or crazy. You also cannot make your first message too sexual. You want to come off as a smooth and charming guy, not a pervert. The message can’t be too sentimental either. You will come off as too needy and a sentimental message signifies that you might like drama.

What you do need to do is make the message witty and creative. Being witty can mean teasing her or making fun of yourself. After a couple witty lines and some flirting, end the message on a strong note. Don’t beat around the bush and show her that you are an interesting guy to hang out with. It’s okay to flirt in the message, as long as you aren’t too sexual too soon. Tease her and tell her that you don’t want her jumping your bones when you meet. Tell her that you want to keep it casual and have a nice conversation over drinks.

Your first message to a potential affair should have originality and charm without any corny pick-up lines. Just to be sure that I’m taking the right approach, I typically  She doesn’t want to hear some cliché line that she’s heard from other guys. You should be bold without being cocky and invite her out for drinks and conversation and nothing more. Flirting should be subtle, but obvious that you are interested. Tease her a little bit and show her that you are not desperate and you don’t need her. You just want her.

The best way to ensure that you get a response is to end the message with a question. That way, you are giving her incentive to write you back. Make the main part of the message casual and flirty and wait until the last line or two to ask her if she wants to meet you somewhere for drinks. If you word your message right, she will feel compelled to take you up on your offer to see what you are all about. The best part about all this is that you can do this all from your trusty mobile phone. This makes dating so much easier!

Is Your Girl Cheating? Here’s How To Tell…


Let’s face the facts here, we all cheat from time to time. Yes, girls cheat on their boyfriends and husbands. It’s just one fo those things that they sometimes end up doing. It can be a rather touchy subject and can often ruin relationships, but the good news for you is that we’re here to help you find girls to fuck. If you’re being cheated on, don’t fret over it. We’ll help you get past that for sure! I’m going to help you better identify some of the things that you can be on the lookout for in the event that your girlfriend is in fact cheating on you.

signs your girlfriend is cheating

Simple Signs That Your Girl Is Cheating

Here’s a quick rundown of things to be on the lookout for in the event that you suspect your girl is cheating on you. These hold true especially if she is in college, so pay close attention folks.

Dressing Sexy

If your girl all of the sudden decides to start dressing sexy in hot outfits which reveal just about everything known to man, then you need to be worried. It’s fine if she wants to be sexy for you, but when she starts hitting the town in these hot as fuck outfits without you, then you need to be worried.

No Sex

If you’re with someone that simply doesn’t want to have sex or even advance your relationship, then you need to be concerned. I’ve spent time with girls that stopped wanting to have sex with me and that led me to one thing, I knew they didn’t want to be with me any longer. Once the interest in sex drops a bunch, you need to be concerned. The main reason for you to be concerned is because women tend to be very sexual beings and they crave sex more than you think.

She’s Super Busy

Let’s face it, some girls stay busy because they want to look super active. If your girlfriend makes it seem like she’s got no time for you, then you need to be concerned with it. If she’s busier than usual and can’t make even a single night out of the week for you then you need to be concerned that she’s cheating on you.

Asking For Space

When a girl asks you for space, it is never a good thing. What I mean by that is that girls often ask for space when they want to pull away from things. I’ve been in far too many relationships where women simply pushed me away to the point where I found some horny girl online to replace them. Ain’t nobody got time for that nonsense.

Look, these are just a few of the simple things that I typically like to keep an eye out for. If you think your wife or girlfriend is cheating on you then you better be prepared to retaliate or get out. There are plenty of other girls out there looking to connect with you for sex, so don’t worry about never getting laid. You will definitely find someone to meet for sex. Whatever you do, I do not want you to hire an escort!