Truecheater Review: Nothing Truthful At All


You know, there are tons of cheaters out there living in America. I’ve been one of them myself and if you’re planning on cheating, then you better do so on the right website. Using the wrong site will cost you lots of time and money, trust me on this one!

As for which is right and which is wrong, I’ve taken part of that out of the equation to share one with you today. The site I’m covering is You’ll want to avoid this for sure before reading this review. At any rate, here’s my official review and all the things you need to know about this bad affair dating site…

Why Truecheater Is Anything But True

Sometimes people cheat. It’s just the way that it is. Both men and women do it. Everyone gets to a point in their relationship where they want to stretch their legs again. It’s difficult to go from a life of spending most of your time trying to have sex with as many people as possible to one of monogamy.

That’s where cheating sites come in. They always claim to be the best and safest way to wander from home. Some of these sites will actually work. Others will just be out to take advantage of you and scam you. That’s exactly what you get with Truecheater.

Nothing (I repeat, NOTHING) is true about this site. It’s just a front to get you to hand over your cash and get nothing at all in return. If you want to see the scam in action, all you have to do is make a profile.

Don’t Add Any Information

The trick of the whole thing is not to add any information about yourself at all. Just give them the bare minimum that it takes to create a profile. Make sure you don’t upload any pictures, either. That’s one of the most important things.

You want a profile that says nothing about you and has no photos. Now you just have to sit back and wait. The same thing is going to happen to you and all of the free users on the site. You’ll start to get a ton of messages. They’ll be coming from gorgeous women who really want to talk to you.

Now just ask yourself if that makes any sense. You have a site full of women trying to cheat. This site would have you believe that the way they cheat without getting caught is to plaster their pictures on their profiles and send out messages to men they can’t even see. That sounds like an easy way to get caught.

It’s All A Scam

None of this is real. It’s all a scam. The women you see on the profiles have never been on the site. The pictures were purchased from stock photo companies.

The profiles were created by the site to send you fake messages. You can read the messages, but you can’t reply to them. You’ll have to upgrade if you want to do that. That’s how the scam works and too many people end up falling for it.

Conclusion: Truecheater Is A Waste Of Time

The simple fact of the matter is that Truecheater is just a scam site. There are no real people on it at all. The whole site only exists to get your money from you. It’s the kind of scam that gets run every single day on the internet.

The best way to protect yourself from it is to simply stay away from the site. It has nothing at all for you. It’s just a way to waste your money. Ignore it and find a better one.

Slut Finder Only Finds You Scams


There are a lot of dating sites out there. There are even more hook up sites. They work because people love to have sex. They especially love it when they can have it without having to work too hard. Sites like Slut Finder use that to their advantage.

They don’t just promise to get you laid. They promise to get you laid by someone in your area who you might already know. Their front page even says that the site has pictures of people you already know. It seems like not signing up for it would be a huge mistake.

There’s only one problem, though. The site doesn’t actually exist. It never has. It’s only purpose is to redirect you to a site called 4 Club. They get paid for every single person they send there and they want you to be the next one.

4 Club Is Just A Big Scam

Once you get to 4 Club, you’re going to get scammed. The site was never meant to work as a dating site. It was never even meant to work as a hookup site. That would take way too much effort from the people who created it. It was only ever meant to work as a scam site and it starts as soon as you sign up.

They want to get as much money out of you as they can and they do it by tricking you. You have to enter your credit card information if you want to use the site. When you do that, you’re getting signed up for yet another site. This one is called Hot XXXub and it’s going to cost you a lot of money. You’ll be automatically signed up for a recurring charge and it won’t stop until you go in and cancel it.

All The Profiles Are Fake

If you actually make it into the site, the scams will keep coming. You’ll start getting messages as soon as you open it up. If you want to respond to them, you’ll have to upgrade your membership. You should never do that. All of the messages you’ve been getting are totally fake.

The profiles that are sending them are fake as well. They’re created by the site for the sole purpose of tricking you. If you run a reverse image search on the profile pictures, you’ll see them pop up all over the internet.

Conclusion: Stay Away From Slut Finder

There are a lot of sites involved with this scam. None of them are good. If you come across Slut Finder, you should just ignore it. It’s not a site. It’s just a way to get you into a scam site. There are plenty of other sites out there that can actually work for you. This isn’t one of them. Try and find a real site with real people on it. The only thing you’ll find here is a way for you to lose a lot of money.

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Naughty Matches Review – Fake As It Gets…


There’s one common scam that gets run all over the internet. It’s extremely simple and works far too well. What happens is that the dating site will start creating its own profiles. They then use these profiles to send you messages. You’ll get a lot of them. That’s exactly what Naughty Matches does.

Just when you think you’ve got the whole world in your hands, you’ve officially lost. Here’s my take on this foolish site.

naughty matches homepage

The Official Naughty Matches Review

The site won’t let up until you do something drastic. The thing about these messages is that you can’t respond to them with your free profile. If you want to do that, you have to upgrade your account. It always costs money. Once you upgrade, you’ll be able to respond to any of the messages that you want.

Unfortunately for you, it won’t matter. The messages were never sent from a real woman. They were sent by bots and you’ll never actually have a real conversation with anyone. You’ve just fallen for the most common scam around. You’ve given them money for an upgrade that gives you nothing at all in return.

The Profile Pictures Are All Fake

You can avoid making this mistake by simply looking into the profiles that are sending the messages. All you have to do is a reverse image search on the profile picture itself. What you’re going to see is more than enough information for you. You’ll find that very same image plastered all over the internet.

That’s because it’s a stock image. It’s a photo taken of a model by a photographer. He or she then turned around and sold hundreds of those images to a stock photo company. That company then sold it to the dating site that’s trying to scam you. You can see every other site that bought the same exact picture and used it for any number of purposes. The model is long gone and was never involved with the site to begin with.

They Tell You All About It

If you take a look at the terms of service, you can read all about the scam. They tell you everything you need to know about it. They tell you right there that their profiles will be contacting you. They claim it’s to get you to communicate with other people.

That part is a lie.

They’re doing it to get you to upgrade your profile. That’s the only reason. The only way they can continue to operate is by being upfront about it. That’s how they get you to agree to get scammed and never have to worry about any repercussions.

Conclusion: Stay Away From Naughty Matches

Naughty Matches has nothing for you. The only reason you should go there is if you want to get scammed by them. That’s really it. They have nothing to offer you in the way of real women to meet up with. There are no real women on the site, to begin with. It’s all there just to trick you. Pass this site by and find a better one. They definitely do exist out there.

XMeeting Review: X Doesn’t Mark The Spot!


I decided to share my thoughts and opinions on the website. This review tells the whole story and I think you’ll be very glad that you didn’t join if you read this before doing so. Here is the full rundown and everything I know about this site.

XMeeting Reviews

My Detailed Review

XMeeting may give off the appearance of a legit site, but any basic inspection will reveal that it is yet another scam site. This site tries to mimic other real dating site features and options. Their claim to fame is having an elaborate algorithm that is supposed to show you who likes you and match you up with women.

The frequency of hot women are the site is sure to get the average unknowing guy excited, and that’s their plan. They want to use sexy women to lower your guard so that you are more likely to fall into the scam. The thing you will realize though is that once you sign up to interact with the community, you will quickly find that it is just a plain old money grab. It doesn’t matter how hot the ladies look or how sleek the website design is. The whole point is to take your financial information so that they can exploit it for their own gain.

Constant Fake Messages

This site tries to pretend to be on the up and up and offer typical packages. The price ranges from thirty dollars for a month up to one hundred dollars for six months. They claim to offer typical features you will find on a dating site. This includes messaging and search features, and even live cams However, this is a site that is flooded with bots and likely does not feature a single real female account. This is obvious because once you sign up you are immediately bombarded with private messages and emails, even before you get the chance to set up your account.

This doesn’t make any sense since these alleged women would have nothing to base their interest off of, and you’ve been signed up for all of five minutes. However, this is how the scam works. They try to make to you think that all these women are interested in you and want to hook up. The moment you try to talk back to them, you are hit with the prompt to sign up for a membership. You won’t even be able to read the messages you get until you sign up, that’s how desperate they are for your sensitive information.

They Try To Fool You Into Thinking Women Are Interested

A trick unique to xmeetings is their use of notifications. They have one option called “She likes you” that’s supposed to show you all the hot girls that have been interested in your account. Likewise, you will be told that your account is constantly being viewed. This is all done to make you think there is real action on the site and to give up your credit card info.

However, it is clearly stated in the terms and conditions that the company sets up accounts as a means of promotions and that every account on the site is not real. They also say that the staff will operate some accounts on the site, but if they operate some of them, it’s safe to assume that they operate most of them and that nothing is real.

Conclusion: Nothing But A Scam

Once you start to pay attention to your messages, you will notice that the repeating phrases let you know it is actually computer software sending you these prompts, just so you upgrade to a paid account assuming it’s a real girl. When you do a reverse image search on the photos they come back as stolen from other websites, mainly porn sites and cam girl sites.

Not even the photos are real. They openly admit to this in the terms and conditions so that you can’t come back around and sue them. When you see a place engaging in practice such as this, it’s obvious the whole thing is a scam and you should stay far away.

If you want to really set up a meeting for sex, then give this site a shot here.