Tattoo Tips and Dating: When They’re Worth Getting And When To Stay Away


I’m a huge fan of tattoos, but only when you get the right one. Tattoos are not a simple decision for anyone and the decision to get a tattoo should not be taken lightly, whether you are a man or a woman. A poorly placed or poorly designed tattoo can have the opposite effect that you are going for. In fact, it can dissuade potential partners rather than attract them.

A lot of girls are into guys with tattoos and vice versa, but no one likes tattoos just because you have them. They like when they look good and don’t look out of place. Here are some examples, for both men and women, of tattoos that are cool and some that are turn-offs. I know what you’re thinking. This is a dating blog so why am I writing about tattoos. Well, it makes a difference when it comes to finding someone to hook up with.

Bad Tattoos

Tattoo Advice For Those Actively Dating

Below I’ve covered a few different situations and scenarios that you’ll want to review before getting a tattoo. These tattoo dos and don’ts are just what you need to know if you’re looking to get a tattoo and you’re actively dating today. Truth is, if you’re just out there looking to have NSA relationships with locals, then it doesn’t really matter.

Tips For Men

When They Are Cool

Patriotic tattoos can be cool if they are small and artistic. A flag is a good bet or a famous quote from history that you connect with.
Not getting a tattoo is an option that is much better than getting a bad one.
If you are or were in the military, military tattoos are always cool.
Get a tattoo that you can’t see at work, but you can see when you go out or get intimate with someone.
Be sure to get one that means something to you and not just from the book.
It’s also important that you get it completed by a good artist, no matter how small or simple.

When They Look Stupid

Big tattoos. If you cover large areas, be sure it’s consistent.
Face tattoos will either make you look deranged or like a criminal.
Never, under any circumstances, get a tattoo of your girl’s name on your body.
Do not think about getting a tramp stamp.
Avoid tattoos of people’s faces. It rarely looks good and the artist must be phenomenal.

Simple as that guys. If you’re looking to get a tattoo, then follow these rules and you’ll be fine. Remember, a tattoo is for life so it’s a commitment that you need to make and not just a fad or phase that you go through.

Tips For Women

When They Are Cool

Small, inconspicuous pieces are awesome. Showing them off is a great, subtle way to flirt.
Body ink behind your ear or on your ankles can be sexy.
Butterflies rock! They’re colorful and cute without being cheesy.
Get one just below your waistline and let it peek out.

When They Look Stupid

Don’t get anything trivial or cheesy. Put thought into it.
Don’t scatter small tattoos across your entire body. Make a plan for your ink and execute it.
No matter how much you like Harley Quinn, don’t tattoo “Daddy’s Little Monster” anywhere on your body.
Never, under any circumstances, get a tattoo of your man’s name on your body.

I love tattoos on women when they are the right placement and type. This can be a huge turn on for many men as it makes them look sexier in my opinion. If you do decide to get one, be sure to mention that you have them in your dating profile and even show them off in your profile pic.

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