Text Messaging Success With Potential Affair Hookups


Not gonna lie, I love hooking up with horny women in naughty affairs. Something about them just gets me so excited. As you may know, having an affair can be a really touchy subject. Oftentimes, you can’t find someone to have an affair with in the same way as you would if you’re trying to just find a date. You must figure out a strategy that is effective in convincing a woman to have sex with you, even though you are married.

Text messaging and affairs

Text Messaging And Affair Hookups, Everything You Must Know

That being said, messaging plays a clutch role here in all of this. The first few messages that you send are crucial. If you can formulate messages that keep her talking, you have a better chance of leading her into a sexual situation. If she loses interest in the first message, you might as well move on.

In order to figure out the best way to approach a message to a potential affair, you must first figure out what not to do. You can’t make your message too short because you will not be giving her enough of an indication that you are interested in her.

Alternately, it’s not a good idea to make the message too long either. You haven’t given her enough incentive to want to know more about you or read a long message. It can make you look suspect or crazy. You also cannot make your first message too sexual. You want to come off as a smooth and charming guy, not a pervert. The message can’t be too sentimental either. You will come off as too needy and a sentimental message signifies that you might like drama.

What you do need to do is make the message witty and creative. Being witty can mean teasing her or making fun of yourself. After a couple witty lines and some flirting, end the message on a strong note. Don’t beat around the bush and show her that you are an interesting guy to hang out with. It’s okay to flirt in the message, as long as you aren’t too sexual too soon. Tease her and tell her that you don’t want her jumping your bones when you meet. Tell her that you want to keep it casual and have a nice conversation over drinks.

Your first message to a potential affair should have originality and charm without any corny pick-up lines. Just to be sure that I’m taking the right approach, I typically  She doesn’t want to hear some cliché line that she’s heard from other guys. You should be bold without being cocky and invite her out for drinks and conversation and nothing more. Flirting should be subtle, but obvious that you are interested. Tease her a little bit and show her that you are not desperate and you don’t need her. You just want her.

The best way to ensure that you get a response is to end the message with a question. That way, you are giving her incentive to write you back. Make the main part of the message casual and flirty and wait until the last line or two to ask her if she wants to meet you somewhere for drinks. If you word your message right, she will feel compelled to take you up on your offer to see what you are all about. The best part about all this is that you can do this all from your trusty mobile phone. This makes dating so much easier!

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