Things Married Women Must Have (Attributes & Characteristics)


Before reading this article, you should realize that this is not meant to down talk women and make them adhere to certain rules. In fact, I love it when women break the rules, especially when it comes to having sex with guys other than their husbands, lol. While we know that most men don’t have to adhere to anything, it’s important that women do their best to adhere to certain things.

There are certain attributes that every husband should have as well. Men are far from perfect. This is a guide to help women realize the fundamentals of being married and to help men realize what a good wife is and, no matter what sex we are, we should expect the best. If not the best, at least someone who grasps the fundamentals.

married woman characteristics

Married Women Should Possess The Following Qualities!

She has something she’s passionate about. I don’t care if it’s sex or strange dick, every wife should have some sort of passion or purpose. Something that drives them. She should be confident in her goals and aspirations in her life. If she’s not, then she might not be the best fitting wife.

She has respect for things you are passionate about. It’s not enough for her to be passionate about something. She must have respect for your goals and aspirations too and you should support each other.

Her influence helps you look and feel better. Everyone is going to change when they have a significant other. If she’s a good partner, you will both help each other change for the better.

She has integrity. If you don’t think she has integrity, you shouldn’t be with her. You must be able to trust her and her integrity should inspire you to be a man she can trust as well. Again, I’m all for women that cheat on their husbands as I love hooking up with cheating women. However, it’s important that I still lay the foundation the way it should be done and not any other way.

She thinks about others besides herself. It’s customary that she has compassion for others and not be selfish or greedy. She shouldn’t be rude to others or willfully hurt people’s feelings. A nurturing wife is the best.

She takes pride in her appearance. No one wants an ugly unimpressive looking wifey. She shouldn’t have to be a beauty queen or stay in top shape at all times, but she should make an effort to look good. That goes for herself and for you and you should do the same. I always hit the gym and try to stay in tip top shape because I know women will be flocking to fuck me once they see this six-pack.

She’s at least as clever as you. Your wife should always challenge you mentally. This goes for not putting up with your crap and not being manipulated. A good wife will keep you on your toes.

She’s not a fair-weather wife. You should not have a wife that bails on you or shuts down when things get rough. Things could get complicated in life and she needs to handle it with grace.

She takes care of business. If she is going to be a good life partner, she needs to be good at handling her business. Both of you should know when to play and when to work.

She’s close to the people you are close to. If she doesn’t get along with your family and friends, it’s not going to last. You will end up having to give up one or the other and you shouldn’t have to.

All that being said, I wanted to make a point to share that I don’t think wives need to be faithful especially while I’m single. If you’re using this website or any other “fling” style dating network, then do yourself a solid and try to connect with some lonely wife. Chances are she’ll fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before in your life. Married women are my favorite and that’s one fo the many reasons why! LOL

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