Things Scumbag Dating Sites Do To Scam Users


I know you don’t hear me talk about this type of stuff a lot but there are plenty of sites that try to scam users out there. I’ll be the first one to say that Fling absolutely does not scam their users. In fact, they are the most trusted adult dating site on the internet. That just goes to show how powerful they are. To have that title is something they can be proud of. I’m not here to talk about them, I’m here to tell you the things that other dating sites do to scam their users.

scum bag dating sites

Various Things Scum Dating Sites Do To Scam People

Here’s a rundown of some of the things that many dating sites do to screw over their users.

Hire People

Believe it or not, a lot of dating sites will hire people to communicate with their users. That’s right, they have people sitting in an office waiting to hang out with you but you can never meet them in person. That’s really frustrating, to say the least.

Hard To Cancel

Lots of sites make it next to impossible to cancel your membership. They don’t even let you call them. Some won’t even give you a customer service number to reach out to in order to cancel. This is a big problem, to be honest.

Fake Users

A lot of scumbag dating sites incorporate fake users into their profiles. They spend a few short hours scraping other dating sites and creating profiles using fake information. I can’t stand it when I see the same girls on certain hookup sites. It’s a surefire way to tell that they aren’t legit.

Cross Sales

Some of these sites will try to get you to join about 3 other dating sites when you join one of their websites. How pathetic is that? They’re trying to basically exploit your credit card and charge whatever they can get out of you.

There are plenty of other things that online dating sites do to scam users but I can’t share them all with you now. Feel free to contact me if you’d like to know more. Either that or you can avoid this issue completely by joining the site.

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