Things That Make Women Want Sex (Even More)


What makes a woman want to bang? That’s the million dollar question that I’ve been trying to answer for years. The good news is that I’ve finally been able to answer that question. Getting a woman to have sex with you is one thing, but making her want to have more sex is a whole other ball game.

If she isn’t fully satisfied the first time, she will be less inclined to want to bang you again. Luckily, there are things you can do to make her want it just as much as you do. Follow the tips below if you want to please a woman enough to make her want to go another round. Better yet, perhaps she’ll want it regularly if you do things right!

What Makes Women Want More Sex

Simple Things That Make Women Want To Have Sex (Again)

These “things” are not listed in any particular order. In fact, you may pick and choose whichever you feel are most fitting based on your particular situation. That said, they all are helpful in getting a woman to want to bang more.

Lots of kissing – She wants deep and passionate kissing. The more you kiss her, the more aroused she will become. Don’t rush through the kissing to get to the banging, it may backfire if you work too quickly.

Kissing and breathing on her neck and ears – Extend the kissing to her neck and nibble on her ears. If you give her chills and make her nipples hard, she will be turned on. Remember, making her horny is your job and if you suck at your job, you’ll eventually get fired.

Eye contact during penetration – Looking into her eyes as you penetrate her will compound her arousal and she will instantly move closer to orgasm.

Taking it slow – Move slow and tease her a lot during foreplay. Don’t let her reach peak arousal too early. Prolong her pleasure and she will have deeper and more satisfying orgasms.

Playing with her tits – Her tits are sensitive. Touching them and kissing them during foreplay and sex will compound her ecstasy and make her want more.

Long-lasting oral sex – Deep orgasms are about patience. Don’t be afraid of spending a long time down there. She needs more time to reach her peak. In fact, I’ve never met a girl that didn’t like oral sex. Not a single one.

Clitoral and vaginal orgasms – This is really vagina 101 but since it’s applicable I’ll share it. Stimulate her clit with your fingers and tongue until she has an orgasm then give her a more intense vaginal orgasm by stimulating her G-spot.

Turning their man on – Women love when you show them how turned on you are by them. Seeing you lose control and have a full release arouses her and makes her want you more.

Being deeply penetrated – Slow and deep penetration building to pulses of energy through her entire body will make her want to feel that repeatedly. If you just drill her like a jackhammer in two minutes then you’ll be left in the dust. Trust me on that one!

Telling her how much she arouses you – When you talk to her during sex and let her know what an arousing and sultry goddess she is will add to her arousal. I know, I sound like a complete dork but it’s the honest to god truth.

Ravaging her now and then – She usually wants to take it slow, but don’t be afraid to ravage her now and then and have a passionate quickie.

The cowgirl position – Letting her take a ride now and then and control her own arousal will add to the reasons that she craves sex.

Orgasms and a lot of them – Nothing makes her want sex more than giving her repeated orgasms. Don’t stop at one. After her first one, subsequent orgasms come faster and stronger.

Cuddling after sex – Sex isn’t over after you both have orgasms. Share in that time of ecstasy and release and she will look forward to doing it again. Truth be told, I hate this part of it but I’m willing to do it just to get laid more.

Those are all the things that I personally recommend if you want to get laid more. Sure, it’ll take some work but it’s not that difficult, to be honest. Just put forth the effort and you’ll be banging more in no time. These things apply whether you’re hooking up with someone you smash on the regular or if you’re just having a one-night fling. The same rules apply so don’t think you’re exempt from them.

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