Tinder vs. Fling: Which App Is Better For Dating?


I have been having conversations with my friends on a regular basis about dating apps. I cannot lie, some of my friends are just absolute idiots and I mean that in the most sincere way possible. A few of us got to talking and we timed ourselves in a 5-minute argument over which dating app was better. We were comparing Tinder and Fling, arguing over the pros and cons of each. Here’s what we discussed and the points that were made for each.

Tinder vs Fling App which is best?

Credit: Seinfeld

Friends Argue Over Tinder Vs. Fling

As friends, we kept the argument non-violent and it was in good fun. There were five of us that all had joined both apps. We each laid out the pros and cons of joining the apps. Some people were 100% pro-Tinder while others were completely against it and simply for fling. It should come as no surprise that I chose Fling as being the best, but fuck what I think, let’s go over the argument that others had.

Those for Fling had the following to say…

Person #1: “The fling app gets me laid almost weekly without having to pay for dinner. It’s a lock!”

Person #2: “Fling works on my mobile and it’s safe enough for me to use on the work wifi with no issues. I can secretly set up dates while at my office and fuck them that same night. No app is as effective as fling.”

Me: Fling is by far the best dating app I’ve ever used in my entire life. The chat function is fucking amazing. Simply the best is all I have to say!”

Now those for Tinder had this to say…

Person #4: “Tinder is a huge network with tons of girls and it’s mindless. I like how it functions with the swipe.”

Person #5: “The Tinder app never crashes and the mutual connection makes it that much better than all the rest.”

So, what I heard here was that people like to use the shitty Tinder app which has lots of people but no hooking up on booty calls or anything like that. They choose to use that instead of actually getting laid? I’m at a loss for words but one thing is for sure, the Tinder app isn’t even half as good as Fling. Anyone that thinks any different, contact me and I’ll argue all day about it! If you haven’t read my entire experience, then you need to do so right here. I’ve basically laid it out for you right here.

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