Tips For Having Sex Under Water With Your Fling


Since it’s summertime, I am pretty certain that you’ve had the urge to stick your dick inside some tight wet pussy while in the water. We all have that same urge. If you find yourself with a beautiful woman and the time is right in the right body of water then maybe you should go for it! If you are up for a challenge and you like having sex in the water then I suggest you read this post. You’ll learn everything there is to know about sex under water. Why not upgrade your dating game and start fucking girls in the water like a boss!

Sex Under Water

Important Tips For Having Sex Under Water

Here are some tips for having sex under water. If you’re a go-getter that likes to bang in the H2O then you’ll want to read this post in its entirety. Here are different places to have sex under water.

The Classic Pool Move
We’ve all been to a late night party with friends for some pool fun and brews. It’s not uncommon for skinny dipping and other fun to occur here. Just be sure to keep it in the shallow end. We don’t want to drown during sex!

The ocean isn’t great for fucking. A woman’s vagina isn’t exactly built for fucking in the ocean. The salt water can do things to a girl’s pussy that most would like to avoid. Sure, feel free to fool around a bit in the ocean but don’t completely expose the pussy to the open waters and everything that it contains. Take the sex to the beach. After all, some nice sex on the beach is always fun!

Hot Tub Time To Fuck
If I could take a trip in a time machine, I’d go back to the time where I was fucking this girl in her hot tub while her parents slept. The jets were an added bonus and can really stimulate things to get them going. Go to town here just don’t get things so hot that you burn yourselves!

The Shower
Sex in the shower is amazing. That goes especially if you are in a fancy hotel room. A cold or hot shower can really make for a nice fun fucking in the water. Just be careful not to drop the soap!

One thing you need to understand is that having sex under water can lead to bad infections. It’s fine to try it but be warned that it’s not the brightest thing to do. It can lead to bad things but having sex in the water is a blast. Try it once or twice and let me know how it pans out! Just sign in to your dating app and find a new fuck buddy to ask over for a pool party and you’re golden!

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