Tips For Storing Condoms Before Use


I’m going to give you a lesson on storing condoms. If you are using sex dating sites on a daily basis, then there is a good chance you use condoms. In hopes of keeping you from getting STDs or having an unwanted pregnancy, I’m going to give you some pointers when it comes to storing condoms. Condoms are a staple on my adult dating checklist and you need them if you want to be successful at dating.

Tips For Storing Condoms

There are a few places that you should never store your condoms ever. Some of these places are pretty avoidable if you have even just a little bit of smarts in your head.

For starters, if you carry around a man purse or some stupid bag, you’re not going to want to carry it around in there. Reason being, there’s likely a lot of junk in the bag and all that friction can cause issues for the condom.

The same goes for if you’re one of the guys that like to carry it around in their wallet. That thing has been beaten and thrown around more than a shitty amateur boxer. Your wallet is a hot cesspool of germs and keeping your condoms in your wallet wears down the strength. I also advise against carrying them around in your pockets. So many guys switch condoms from pocket to pocket and it’s not going to make the condom any stronger.

Some people actually think that keep condoms in your car glove compartment is a good idea. That care heats up to over 100 degrees on a daily basis. Does that temperature sound like it’s good for anything? I think not.

This is a no brainer but you should never store condoms near any sharp objects. The reason you do not want to do this is for the mere fact that something can easily poke it if not careful. That means sperm will leak through and so can a girl’s vaginal fluids. You don’t want STD’s do you? Then keep your condoms away from sharp objects at all times.

Some people treat their condoms like batteries and store them in the freezer or refrigerator. This is a bone head move. Where the fuck does it say on a box of Trojans to store them in the freezer? Fuck no!

Just do exactly what the box label says to do and store them properly. Any other approach is simply foolish. In fact, unless you want to fuck something up, you shouldn’t do anything other than what you’re advised to do. What you need to realize is that it does not take a rocket scientist to get laid. However, you have to be somewhat smart if you want to stay baby free and disease free. Now if you want to find someone to fuck then you need to join That way you can actually put that condom to good use!

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