Tips For Talking To College Girls Online


Some people think that talking to girls in college is a difficult task. In fact, talking to a college girl online doesn’t have to be a daunting task. I remember when I first got into using hookup dating sites, I spent so much time perfectly crafting my messages. I was literally thinking about it so much and paralyzing myself with what I was going to say to her. I wanted her to want to go out on a date with me so bad (girls in general) and this is where I really fucked up. It doesn’t have to be that way. Being yourself and charming is the way to go. Have some flirty fun and she’ll be wanting to meet in person in no time.

Talking To College Girls

Talking To College Girls Is Easy, Just Read This

The first thing that you want to avoid is telling her all about your life story. She doesn’t want to hear about every detail of your life. She def does not want to hear about your sex life either. You might exchange a few details in the beginning such as what area of the city you live, what you do work, where you’re originally from, but that should be about the extent of it. Instead, focus on things you like to do for fun and find some common interests with which you can talk about. Hopefully, you can even do a few things together in the future if things work out well. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself or her. That’s a recipe for disaster if you ask me.

Another thing to keep in mind is to be playful, don’t be so serious. It’s ok to be a little flirtatious and tease her a little. You don’t want to be boring, and she’ll remember the guy who has a witty edge to him and makes her laugh and smile, as opposed to the guy who seems to have no personality nor confidence in talking to college girls. If you are shy in person and not confident in teasing her or being flirtatious then, it’s much easier to develop this persona behind a keyboard so it will be natural when you meet up with her.

Lastly, this is the most important thing, make a move and don’t wait too long. When you wait too long, you’re essentially shooting yourself in the foot doing so. The first day when you are talking to each other you should just get to know each other a little bit and have some playful banter. After a few days of back and forth if you haven’t asked her out for a drink or whatever, she’s going to be wondering if you’ll ever have the balls to do so. She’s not looking to email or text forever, you’re both ultimately looking for someone to date, and that can happen through a keyboard, so once you get a good rapport go ahead and ask her out. Once you ask her out, you need to then begin to prepare for your casual sex date. It’s going to take some preparation so get your head in the game asap!

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