Top 5 Worst Adult Dating Sites To Always Avoid


I’ve been spending a ton of time lately reviewing adult dating sites. In doing so, I’ve been able to determine which of those are the absolute worst. Trust me, there are lots of networks that absolutely stink, but the list I’m about to share with you today sums up the worst of the worst.

No, not in a good way either. I’m talking about sites that really suck worse than you ever thought they could. While I typically don’t like to bitch about things, today I’m going out of my way to bitch and moan like never before.

guy regrets joining the worst adult dating sites

Worst Adult Dating Sites Revealed Below

Not only am I going to share the worst of the worst with you, I’m going out of my way to tell you why I absolutely hate these five dating sites. Trust me, these are perhaps as bad as they get. If you see a site or network listed below, then my advice would be to RUN LIKE THE WIND! – The first site I”m going to cover is the Fuckbook network. I tried my best to get this to work, but it just wouldn’t work at all for me. The main reason why I hate this network is due to the use of all the fake women. Not only that, there are just too many imposters and impersonators out there for me to want to give this a try, seriously. It’s expensive, a waste of time, money, aggravation, and so much more. Avoid this network at all costs because it’s one of the worst in the world. – Okay, so the reason I have selected this and carefully included it into the “worst” list is that it’s just that bad. There’s nothing but slobs on using Hot or Not, so basically all users are not hot at all. On top of that, I hate the fact that all these users are fake on the site. It’s like an updated version of and a complete waste of energy. – The app made the top five worst dating sites because the network is a complete scam. There’s nothing other than fake entertainment based profiles which have been created by the company to keep you entertained. Listen, buddy, I’m here to get my dick wet, not be entertained. – The website made the worst list because they do nothing other than scam users by sending fake snaps. If you’re into scamming locals out of their hard earned money, then you, my friend, are a completely worthless piece of dried up dog poo. Go Snap to someone else you piece of trash! – Last but not least, I had to include the Affair Alert website to this list because the owners do such a bad job of trying to scam consumers. In fact, I’m appalled that anyone would fall for such a scam. You have to be a feel knucklehead to fall for that, seriously. If you’re looking to just throw your money away or light it on fire, then join Affair Alert because it won’t get you anywhere.

That my friend is the best list of the worst adult dating websites on the planet. If you’re looking for something that works, then you’ve got options, just not on any of those mentioned above! Click this here to read about the best site that actually works.

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