Vagina 101: Here’s What Guys Need To Know About It!


I’ve been on the casual dating scene for as long as I can remember. That said, I’ve come across my fair share of vagina! There are a couple of things that I want to make clear about women and their special boxes! Trust me, they’re going to appreciate that I’m sharing this knowledge with you. Some of you out there are just totally uneducated and I want to help you out, so pay close attention, my friend!

things you must know about vagina

Things Every Guy Needs To Know About Vagina

These simple tips will help you best prepare for banging hot women and penetrating their perfect flowers! Trust me, if you’re using any casual sex site to fuck college girls nightly, especially the one that I use regularly, then you need to know this.

If a woman gets a yeast infection that does not mean that she’s dirty. Women can get these infections no matter how clean they are. It is uncomfortable and they usually don’t want to have sex when they have them so be understanding and don’t judge them for it.

Women are very conscious about the smell of their vagina. They will often test to make sure it smells and tastes good before they let you touch it. If it smells or tastes bad, they are not maintaining it properly.
All vaginas have a smell. If you don’t like it, you need to learn to like it. It shouldn’t be a bad odor, by any means, but it will have a distinct smell that you better get used to. You need to go down on them without hesitation and stay there like you love it.

Women can often be self-conscious about their odor when you go down on them. This is why it’s important to let them know how good it tastes and smells. She needs to be reassured that you love it.

Women don’t always get wet when they are aroused. You might need to use lubrication and you shouldn’t be bothered if she needs it. There are any number of factors that could contribute to them not getting wet including stress, medications, or simply a lack of fluids in her body. If she is willing to have sex with you, she is turned on.

Sometimes women want hard and fast sex and sometimes they want it slow and passionate. You should not be afraid to alternate depending on their mood. One thing is for sure. She is not going to want it the exact same way every time.

You don’t have to go down every time, but you do need to prepare it before you penetrate. Whether it’s your mouth or your fingers; you should do some type of foreplay to get her aroused before you enter her. An orgasm is preferable, but you should never just shove it in.

Don’t be afraid to use toys to arouse her. Not using toys is a huge mistake. Some men are afraid that toys will make women appreciate their penis less, but that’s not true. A little vibration of their clitoris can work wonders.

Some women like having sex during their period, so you should never assume one way or the other. Talk to her about it and ask what she prefers. It’s not that bad or messy. It’s just drier than usual.

Most women get their vaginas tested for infections often. You should return the favor and get tested often as well. It’s just as important for you to be clean and disease free as it is for her.

If your penis goes all the way in and you feel resistance like you hit the back of it, don’t force it. It hurts.

Honestly, that’s about all that I can say about girls and their beautiful vaginas. I’m sure that you’re glad I took the time to share that information with you. Now run off and find someone to smash tonight! Make a bootycall if necessary. Whatever you have to do to better retain the knowledge provided, LOL.

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