Victoria Brides Review: Fake Bots, Fake Views, Fake Everything!

For those of you first coming to my site, I’ve used plenty of dating sites over the years. My all-time favorite is this here, but I’m not going to be covering that site. Instead, today I’m sharing what I know about the infamous I’ll tell you right now that it’s not a traditional dating site nor is Victoria Brides one that you want to spend too much time using. Having said that, it’s a site that can and will cause you to lose your cool because it simply doesn’t do much other than rob you blind. Keep reading to learn more about it right here.

Screenshot of Victoria Brides

My Victoria Brides Review is a mail order bride website that claims to offer a platform for Ukrainian women ready to tie the knot. But, as is often the case with sites like this, whether its dating or online brides, not everything is as good as it seems to be. The site smells like a scam.

Just Start Creating A Profile & You’ll See

For anyone wanting to prove without a shadow of a doubt that something is not right, all they have to do is create a blank profile. In no time at all, that profile, without any personal information, not even a profile photo, will get bombarded with “likes” and “visits.” One wonders, where does all this attention come from? And why does it come to someone without any info at all?

Tons Of Bots

The thing is, Victoria Brides works with the help of bots. These are computer generated software that has only one purpose, to automatically produce messages that are then sent to new users to reel them in.

The evidence to back this claim can be found in the site’s Terms and Conditions page, which people usually don’t read. Here the site admits to the use of “automatic messages” which are “generated by their algorithm”. It is obvious that the messages received by new users are from these bots, since a blank profile, the one used for the purpose of investigating the site’s veracity, would not have captured the attention of any real woman.

Must Purchase To Correspond

The real deal comes when a person tries to reply to these messages. To do that, one has to upgrade and purchase credits, which will require you to open your wallet and pay up. But, as is clearly stated in their terms page, these messages do not come from real women, so why does one have to pay to communicate with them? That’s the scam.

Fake Profile Views

Another trick this Victoria Brides website uses is to create artificial activity on your profile, where women seem to “visit your profile” and “like you.” But the site has already admitted the use of bots to send messages to users. Why would they feel the need to stop there? It is perfectly plausible for them to expand their con to all the interactions on the site. The easiest way to confirm this is to go back to the blank profile and notice the number of women that seem to like you for some inexplicable reason.

Fake Profiles Too

The site does not stop at fake messages and fake likes. It is also chockfull of fake profiles (just like this site). admits to the use of “Staff Profiles,” which are false accounts created by the handlers of the site to create an artificial atmosphere of traffic and activity.

Their Terms and Conditions page admits to this state of affairs in quite explicit terms. They say, “We may, from time to time, create profiles which are created, maintained and managed by our employees.” Now, being fair to them, they do say that they ‘may, from time to time’, but how is one to trust what one sees anymore?

Conclusion: Victoria Brides Is Nothing But A Scam!

In the end, is just one other site in a myriad of scams on the internet, and one needs to be very careful before they commit their money, in case they end up with nothing more than confusion and shattered pride.