What Is An NSA Hookup And Why They Rock!


I’m not the type to try and educate people but I think this time I better. I want to teach you about an NSA hookup. Some people haven’t got a clue what this even is or what it means for their sex life. All I can say is that it’s pretty awesome. Let me break it down for you right now so you know the drill.

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Definition of an NSA Hookup and Why It’s Awesome

The definition of an NSA hookup is a “No Strings Attached hookup”. For those that don’t know what “no strings attached” means, it’s when you decide to have a purely intimate relationship with someone that leads to nothing but sex. It’s assumed that both parties agree that neither will get attached to one another, nor will they take things further than anything physical.

Now, having an NSA hookup is just that. It’s when you have a hookup with someone that you promise not to get attached to. Let me tell you why this type of relationship is the absolute bomb diggity! There are quite a few reasons that I like having flings (which are NSA hookups) by definition.

One of the main reasons anyone likes having an NSA hookup is that you don’t have to deal with the aftermath of what comes with having a traditional relationship. That means no calling girls back after fucking them if you don’t want to do so. That means that those girls that you really like to fuck, you can call them back and those that suck in bed, you can completely avoid it.

Another reason I love a no strings attached relationship is that it’s so much cheaper than an attached relationship. When someone becomes attached to you, they become really needy and that’s no good for anyone involved.

People that have no strings attached hookups can do so guilt free. Yup, that’s right! I said it! Guilt free is the best way to live because it keeps your conscious free and makes life that much easier to handle. Being able to date a bunch of girls without having a heavy head full of thoughts is awesome.

Another reason I like having this type of hookup is that it allows me to have a laundry list of potential girls that want to get dick tonight and nothing more. After that, you can go and get a nice steak and martini by yourself, save a bunch of money and have a great night.

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