Why I Love Having A Submissive Fuckbuddy


Not going to lie to you even for a second. I love having a submissive fuckbuddy or better yet fuckbuddies on speed dial. Lately, I’ve been going after a ton of submissive girls on my dateing site and it’s proven to be the best thing that I’ve ever done. The reasons are quite simple and I am sure that you can attest to them as well. Here are all the reasons why I love dating non-dominant women these days.

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Submissive Fuckbuddies Are My Favorite Today, Here’s Why…

I’ll keep this rather short and sweet today and just give you a few reasons as to why I try to connect with submissive girls on sites I use to meet people. Actually, before I get started with that, here’s what I do. I actually use whatever advanced search function allows me to narrow down users based on a tag like “submissive” or even better if I can categorically narrow things down. Now that you know how I do it, here are some reasons why I date them.

They Do Whatever I Like
One thing that really turns me on about these types of girls is that they are willing to do virtually anything that I want them to sexually. They are not opposed to having threesomes, sex in public or even doing anything out of the ordinary. Nor are they opposed to having anal sex which is what I love doing with newbies I meet online.

They Come Back For More
Funny thing about girls like this, they always come back for more. What I mean by that is they are willing to reconnect most of the time for a second or even third sexual encounter. Once I get a chance to do that it just makes things that much better. For example, I found this one sub buddy that was about an hour outside of my hometown. Now, every time I travel outside of town I check to see if she’s around to meet up. Most of the time she’s down to fuck in a big way and we arrange a session in a nearby hotel.

They Like Dirty Talk
Some girls that you meet on casual dating sites don’t get into too much dirty talking or anything like that. They are just there to connect for plain jane sex. Not these girls, they actually like to be called a bunch of names and they love dirty talk. It’s a great feeling fucking some hot girl for the first time and talking really dirty with her. I’m convinced it makes them orgasm harder too.

They Suck Dick
Again, some girls just like guys to strap on a condom and stick it inside them. If you’re a guy like me that enjoys a nice blowjob then you’ll appreciate a submissive fuckbuddy. You’ll get every opportunity to have a horny willing girls lips wrapped around your dong and you’ll love every second of it.

Is that enough? Do you need more reasons to get out there and find a submissive fuckbuddy? Let me know because I can give you more!

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