Why Working Out Is Important For Having Flings


If you’re on the market and you’re looking for someone to have sex with on a regular basis then you need to be fit enough to handle the physical requirement that these flings often require. I’m going to give you a few solid ideas as to why working out is super important if you want to have a lot of flings. Take notes and read this twice because it will make a ton of sense I promise!

working out gets your flings

Working Out Matters  When It Comes To Having Flings

Here are a few reasons why working out matters if you want to hook up with horny girls and have a successful dating life.

Women Like Abs

Most women like abs. In fact, they love six pack abs and if you have them then there’s a good chance that you’ll have far better luck dating than others that don’t have them. It’s a known fact that guys in great shape get laid more. Physical attraction is something that we all have towards one another.

You Need To Be Fit To Fuck

If you want to fuck like a champ and have incredible success online then you need to be fit enough to do so. That typically requires working out five days per week. People that are physically fit have more stamina in the bedroom and it works to their advantage for sure.

Meet More Girls

Gym’s and yoga studios are great places to meet women. Lots of single women hang out in these places because they want to get in shape for themselves as well as in hopes of looking more attractive. If you’re trying to meet single slutty girls then you might want to start by snooping around the cardio section of your gym. I do a ton of cardio and I do it to burn fat and also to stare at all the hot girls wearing yoga pants.

You Need That Confidence

Guys that work out are far more  confident than those who do not. If you want to be a player in the fling game then you absolutely need to be confident enough to score with girls online. I’m not suggesting that you act like a king shit bad ass douche bag, but be confident in what you do and how you do it. If you meet a girl, make sure she knows that you’re not afraid to ask her out on a date. Actually, just fucking ask her out already. If you’re contemplating it then you’re taking too much time thinking about it.

Those four reasons alone are enough for you to be at the gym working out right now instead of reading this post. I strongly suggest that you put forth the effort to get in shape if you want to have a lot of flings!


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