XPersonals Review: Read This Before Joining!

I’m all about sniffing out scumbags online and I’m not saying that the people behind this are that, but I’m saying something doesn’t smell right. If you’re thinking of joining the XPersonals website, then my advice would be to think long and hard before doing so. Here’s the kicker, I’ve been doing a lot of work lately testing out these adult dating sites and if you cannot trust a guy willing to put his neck on the line, then who can you trust? Here’s my full review of XPersonals.com and why I suggest avoiding it!

XPersonals homepage

Reasons To Avoid XPersonals – My Personal Thoughts

XPersonals is clearly a scam and it doesn’t take a whole lot of time to figure it out. Whenever you walk into a site and see nothing but gorgeous women around, it’s most likely simply meant to lure you in. No site in the world would have such a hottie heavy user base. Most of the women should be average at best. That’s just the way that it is and you have to get used to the idea. That’s why dating sites exist in the first place. If everyone were sexy, no one would have an issue with getting laid on a Friday night.

Messaging Crap

The next thing that should make you turn right around is the fact that these hot women are going to start messaging you as soon as you make your free profile. If you’re getting messages to a dating profile before you even post a picture, it means that you’re being scammed. Every single one of those messages that you’re getting are all fake.

Real people are not sending them and they’re never going to agree to meet up with you under any circumstance. In fact, you won’t be able to respond to a single message until you upgrade your membership.

The Upgrade Nonsense

That’s why you’re getting messages from hot girls. They want you to have a reason to pay to upgrade your profile. If they can convince you that there are tons of girls who are begging for a piece of you, then you’re going to throw your money at them as fast as you can. Unfortunately, none of that is going to happen. You’re just getting messages from the site itself and that’s it. There’s no one to talk to and there never will be. It’s all a giant scam to get you on the hook.

Long Time Running

The scam behind XPersonals is nothing new. It’s been around for many years and it works well enough to keep plenty of different companies in business. There are plenty of men who just want to think that they’re going to have a shot with a bunch of girls after they sign up for a new site. That’s why they’re on the site in the first place and the companies use it to their full advantage. They’re preying on you and that’s just the way that it is. Places like this will always exist, so you have to watch over yourself.


The best thing you can do here is just pretending that this site doesn’t exist. There are plenty of other options out there for you to choose from. If you really want to meet up with someone, there are more than enough ways to make it happen for real. This, however, isn’t it. After you pay to upgrade, you won’t get anywhere at all. No one is real and you’ll never meet up with anyone. It’s all designed to trick you into giving them money in return for “premium” access to XPersonals. Again, do not attempt to get an xpersonals login. It will not do you any good!

To wrap things up, I’m going to suggest you also stay far away from this site called Nightshift and Snapfuck. Both are as horrible as they get!

If you want to get laid – START HERE.